With 30 years in renewable energy, NextUp brings experience in wind, solar and geothermal power generation. Through working for and with OEMs, Asset Owners and Independent Service Providers, domestically and internationally we have gained invaluable insight and lessons learned. We bring knowledge and expertise of industry veterans to address the requirements and needs of asset owners. We have developed, managed, optimized GWs of renewable energy assets.


We utilize our extensive knowledge to deliver operational excellence. Insights gained managing assets can be deployed on behalf of select clients to enable them to optimize and maximize generation.Problem solving, we can identify the solutions needed to meet your needs.

  • Contractor – vendor qualification.
  • Contract and special project management, evaluation of options to address your challenges
  • Due diligence of renewable energy assets.


NextUp only represents qualified entities that have been vetted. These entities must have demonstrated competence, integrity and values consistent with our own. Direct experience with B2B sales and marketing in the renewable energy space

The Renewable Energy Industry is rife with neophytes and new entrants; let us help you avoid the costly mistakes associated with engaging unqualified vendors and suppliers.

We have experience building teams and organizations that can manage and operate renewable energy assets